Mayor Asked To Help Save Threatened Rail Loop

Boris says he will "get onto it"

London Mayor Boris Johnson has been asked to intervene over the threat to end the through rail service from Sutton to King’s Cross and Luton.

Plans to end the service in 2016 as part of the Thameslink upgrade project would affect the Wimbledon/Mitcham loop.

Merton and Wandsworth London Assembly Member, Richard Tracey, said in Mayor's Question Time at the Assembly: "Many of my constituents value highly this direct service. Demand for rail travel will only be sustained and grow if it’s the most attractive way to get from A to B.

"Removing a popular direct service cannot help this, that’s why I asked the Mayor to get involved. This service helps my constituents to travel not only to Luton Airport but also the Eurostar terminal at St Pancras."

Mr Johnson said: "We will get onto it. Let us see what we can do to sort this out. Unfortunately, I do not run Network Rail service, we do not run Thameslink in the way that we need to, but let us see what we can do to sort it out."

May 26, 2011