James To Swap Colliers Wood For Australia

It's never too late to learn

A Colliers Wood business owner is proving it's never too late to learn as he has just retrained as an electrician with New Career Skills at the age of 41.

James Dodds (right), a former landscape gardener, is hoping his newly acquired skills will lead to a bright future down under as he plans to head to Australia to become an electrician there.

James, who ran his own landscape gardening business, says that he felt a recognised trade would give his career a boost.

"I wanted a proper skill to provide a base to my income," he said.

It was this decision which lead to him retraining as an electrician with New Career Skills, which specialises in retraining mature career changers for careers as plumbers, electricians and in renewables.

"I did a lot of research and the NCS course was most attractive," said James, who began his training in February 2011 and completed it in December.

While he was studying and since qualifying he continued to do some of the same work as before, adding electrician to his complement of skills. "Currently I'm overseeing a house renovation," he said. "Part of the reason for doing the course was to be able to oversee all the work."

But a dramatic change is ahead of him, as he is looking to trade South London for Australia. "I am going there to visit later this year and am looking to move there permanently. Work-wise, emigrating makes sense. There is a shortage of electricians out there. While my age might count against me in getting a work visa, having a skill that is in demand will definitely be in my favour."

James said that some 20 years into his working life he is delighted to be facing such a dramatic change. "It's exciting to have a new horizon. I'm very comfortable with change. I feel really positive about it and I’ve had good reactions from everyone."

To find out more about retraining with New Career Skills call Freephone 0800 037 9934 or visit www.newcareerskills.co.uk

May 18, 2012