Support For Wimbledon's Late Night Volunteers

Local venues donate to the Merton Street Pastors

Pubs and clubs in Wimbledon have shown support for the Merton Street Pastors, the caring volunteers who patrol the night-time streets of Wimbledon and Mitcham.

For a month many of the venues in Wimbledon had collection boxes for the Merton Pastors as a way of expressing their appreciation and support. They raised £1,100 to donate to the voluntary group.

John Goddard, the coordinator of Merton Street Pastors, said: "We've built good relationships with the pubs and clubs in Wimbledon over the years and it's fantastic that they have organised this collection to support our work as it just goes to show how much they appreciate what we do".

The Merton Street Pastors patrol the streets of Wimbledon and Mitcham, caring and helping the community.

Patrolling from 10pm on a couple of Friday nights per month, their help has been invaluable to many people who are feeling vulnerable, the pastors are there to care for, listen to and to generally help people.

You can read more about their typical evening's work in Wimbledon in the Merton Community Plan.

  • Pubwatch is a crime prevention scheme has been embraced by Wimbledon pub and club owners. Meeting once a month, along with the Metropolitan Police and Love Wimbledon, the pubs and clubs in the town centre are united against crime and work together so that the night-life in Wimbledon is safe and enjoyed by many.

October 18, 2013