Letter To The Editor: "20's Plenty "

Dear Editor.....

I'm delighted to see that a new 20's Plenty campaign has started up in Merton. I am a strong supporter of 20mph speed limits on residential streets as it has been proven that they reduce the incident of death and injury on our roads by 43% on average.

It is a shame though that the current 20's Plenty campaigners, fronted by the  former Lib-Dem parliamentary candidate for Wimbledon, Shas Sheehan, do not mention the work that has already been done in Merton.

Between 2008 and 2010 the former Conservative Council administration rolled out several 20's plenty schemes in my own ward of West Barnes, and Hillside, Wimbledon Park, Raynes Park, Trinity and Dundonald wards in response to residents’ demand. We were proud to champion 20's Plenty schemes as one of our flagship policies then, and we continue to do so now where residents want them.

Merton Conservatives are submitting a motion at the next full Council meeting on this. I hope the Lib-Dems will support it so that together we can convince the current Labour Council to finish what we started.

Councillor Gilli Lewis-Lavender

October 29, 2012