Solar Panel Group Planned For Merton

Join up to get 'Juice From Your Roof'

Environmental charity Sustainable Merton is proposing a solar panel buyers' club for local groups.

The project is a buyers' club called 'Juice From Your Roof', which will draw up a list of potential buyers, select a reputable company and negotiate a discount - the amount will depend on the numbers of people who eventually go ahead.

The Government pays a 'feed-in tariff' (FIT) for people with solar power, even if they use all the electricity for their own home. Generally speaking, any roof facing south, east or west is suitable and the entry cost would be around £6,500, with the FIT offering a 6-8% annnual return.

The same scheme was successfully run in Marlow, where more than 160 households registered. This enabled the group to have sufficient buying power to get solar panels for up to 20% less than an individual would otherwise expect.

If you are interested or would like further information, contact Alban Thurston.

August 1, 2010