Collie Dog Sky Foils House Raid

10-year-old dog leaps into action

Border Collie Sky is being hailed as a crime-fighting heroine after she foiled a raid on her neighbour's house.

Sky (pictured right with owner Michael Giffen) leapt into action when she heard intruders next to her home in Camberley Avenue, Raynes Park.

The first Mr Giffen knew of her quick response to the attempted burglary was when he noticed she was missing. He looked outside and saw the trellis on the six-foot garden fence was broken.

He looked next door to find 10-year-old Sky in the garden, with blood coming from her paws. The back window of the property had been smashed, but it's thought Sky scared the intruders off.

Sky's injuries, which were thought to have been caused by the glass, were treated by a vet and she will make a full recovery.

When she's not chasing burglars, Sky also works for the Pets As Therapy (PAT) charity. She regularly visits patients at the Wolfson Neuro Rehabilitation Centre located in Corpse Hill.

Owner Christine Giffen, Mr Giffen's sister, said: "She is an excellent PAT dog as she is laid back and not flustered by anything. But when she senses danger she turns into Superwoman.

"She is very protective of her owners and her home, and this is what she would have been doing. I am very proud of her."

Sergeant Daniel Wheatley, from the Raynes Park Safer Neighbourhoods Team, (also pictured with Sky) said: "The actions of Sky and her owner provide a wonderful example to other residents of how their actions can help in the prevention and detection of crime."

February 10, 2011

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