Wimbledon Store Surprises Its Oldest Customer

Marjorie is about to celebrate her 100th birthday

Sainsbury's at Wimbledon today (October 9) celebrated the 100th birthday of customer Marjorie Hampton.

Marjorie, who has been shopping in the Worple Road store since 1924, was greeted whilst waiting for her dial a ride to collect her after she had completed her shopping.

Whilst a tannoy went out across the store to make everyone aware there was a celebration happening, she was presented some flowers, chocolates and a card by store manager, Denis Young, as well as other colleagues who know and serve her on a regular basis.

Other customers also wished her well for her birthday which actually falls on Sunday (October 12), which she will be spending with all her family.

She sat and chatted with a couple of Sainsbury's staff (pictured right) explaining how much the store has changed since she first came here but that it has always been the place she has chosen to shop since she first got married in her early 20s.

October 9, 2014