Richard O'Brien Brings The Rock And Roll Back To Wimbledon

Review: Rocky Horror Show At New Wimbledon Theatre

Whether you’re an avid fan or a first-time spectator, Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show is sure to have you on your feet as its 2019 World Tour settles into the New Wimbledon Theatre for a week of shockingly bold/fun performances. With little background knowledge of what to expect, I seemed to be part of the minority as I attended the opening night of performances on Monday (February 11).

Rocky Horror Show ticketBefore the show commenced, the audience proved to be more than capable of getting into role as many came dressed as their favourite actors, bringing the true essence of rock and roll to Wimbledon. The story itself was based around newly engaged couple Brad and Janet who found themselves stuck in a snow storm with a flat tyre, before stumbling upon the home of mad transvestite scientist Dr Frank N Furter.

You may have already worked out that this performance was not short of a plot twist, but I can assure you that these were not all limited to the actions of the cast. One of the main surprise elements of the night often came from the audience who chimed in with playful humour throughout the performance and remained about as shy as the Rocky Horror characters themselves. When coupled with the wit of renowned comedian Dom Joly who acted as Narrator, the auditorium was never short of laughter which provided a great night of non-judgemental entertainment.

If ever you were looking for an edgy performance that cleverly explores gender identity and sexuality, which remain at the forefront of current conversations, I would look no further than this playful Rocky Horror. With the show having debuted in a tiny theatre in London back in 1973, its themes remain as relevant as ever and it quite evidently still pulls in a crowd. People often say that history repeats itself and you may very well agree if you join this truly fabulous cast for a final Time Warp to celebrate this very legendary Rock and Roll musical once more.

By Genevieve Etienne-Farrell

February 13, 2019