Wimbledon Man Chases Suspected Thief

Two arrests after suspected phone theft

A brave man from Wimbledon has been praised by police for his part in chasing a couple thought to have stolen a phone from a woman in Tooting High Street.

The man was one of several members of the public who witnessed the phone being snatched from the woman at 4.45pm on Friday May 13.

After asking the victim if she was unharmed, the man noticed a suspicious person down a nearby alleyway, standing behind a car park wall.

Another witness confirmed that he was the man thought to have taken the phone, so the Wimbledon man pursued the suspect over a wall and back into the High Street. He then caught him and held onto him.

Meanwhile, another witness reported having seen a woman help the suspect change his clothing in the car park, and then possibly conceal an item in her top. Police believe the item was the stolen phone.

The woman thought to be involved in the crime disappeared down the High Street, but the third witness drove around until she was spotted and police were called. The woman was then arrested.

Meanwhile police patrolling the High Street saw the Wimbledon man struggling with the first suspect and came to his help. The suspect was then arrested.

After interviews, both suspects denied involvement in the theft of the mobile phone. The witnesses attended an identification parade and were able to pick out the suspects.

The man has been charged with theft from person and the woman with handling stolen goods.

A police spokesperson said: "This is brilliant example of the community working together in order to prevent crime. The brave actions of the members of public have resulted in police being able to make arrests at the scene of the incident. The continued support of the witnesses in the investigation has lead to the suspects being charged and put before the courts. It has been a fantastic result for police, the community and the victim of this crime".

May 18, 2011