Police Commendation Ceremony In Wimbledon

Awards for service, dedication and bravery

Commendations were awarded to police, staff and members of the public when Merton Detective Chief Superintendent Stuart Macleod held his first Borough Commander's Commendation Ceremony.

The awards were given for exceptional service, dedication and personal actions taken when it counted the most.

The event, at Wimbledon's Everyday Church, was supported by Merton's Volunteer Police Cadets.

Det Ch Supt Macleod said: "I am exceptionally proud as Merton borough commander to present these awards tonight, recognising some truly courageous and professional policing and community support. I'd like to thank our Award winners and families and friends supporting them."

The event was well attended by police and staff from across Merton borough together with their families and friends. There were also awards for bravery to a member of the public who supported officers in chasing and detaining an armed suspect and two awards to a Merton Local Authority CCTV operator who brought about the arrest of two robbers and on a separate occasion the arrest of the prolific thief from cars.

Det Supt Palmer said: "These events are always a stark reminder of the day to day threats faced, bravery and compassion shown by our officers on the front line. It reminds us all why we joined and why we are proud to serve the public of Merton, as part of the Metropolitan Police."

The awards went to:

PC Dan Hopkins, PC Jim Hutchinson, PC Adi Lai - for initiative, resilience and investigative skills tackling courier scam fraud. Their operation led to significant arrests and solving of a large number of similar crimes.

Det Insp Dan O’Sullivan, DS Danny Taylor, DC Lesley McGrath, DC John May, DC Pat Ryan - investigative skill and dedication in solving a series of cross-border armed robberies where suspects used the rail network. An extensive operation across a wide part of South London and Surrey revealed significant leads and the two suspects were soon arrested. Both were later found guilty and sentenced to 4 years imprisonment.  

DC John May, C Tommy Burnside, PC Sarah Tranter - courage and professionalism when faced with violent and armed individuals in the street. The officers responded to a 999 call reporting a fight, and were confronted by hostile suspects armed with a knife and a pole. The officers, aided by a member of the public, were able to arrest the suspects and disarm them, with no injuries sustained. 

PC Dan Hopkins, PC James Hutchinson, PCSO Wayne Marques - courage and professionalism when faced with a suspect armed with a knife and a hammer. Responding to bailiffs being threatened, the officers arrested the man and safely disarmed him, despite extreme personal risk to themselves.

Police Staff Jane Upson and Met Volunteer Wendy Walker - dedication to survivors of domestic violence and outstanding community spirit. Jane in the Community Safety Unit has provided exceptional help and support to survivors of domestic violence for many years, and also volunteers extensively in her own time. With Wendy, they have formed a youth drama group which has been very successful, and well supported by local partners and community groups.

PC Giles Bromley, PC Trevor Walsh, PC Chris Clack, PC Rob Fell - professional immediate action and first aid to save life. These officers responded to a call concerning a man trying to commit suicide - they had to force entry to a barricaded address, and found a man hanging inside. They took immediate first aid action and care, saving the man’s life.

Mr Terry Wise, Merton Council CCTV operator - professionalism resulting in arrest of offenders. Two robberies took place on a Monday evening with similar suspect descriptions at both incidents. Mr Wise used his extensive skills to conduct detailed review and coverage of a very wide local area - and found the suspects walking in the street nearby. He summoned officers, who detained and arrested them, recovering a weapon and stolen property.

Mr Nicholas Eke - courage supporting police officers chasing an armed suspect.

Mr Eke saw two police officers chasing three suspects into a dark alley, one of whom was armed with a knife. With no regard for his personal safety, Mr Eke immediately went to aid of the officers, and supported them making 3 safe arrests.

PC Gemma Forder, PC James Burgess, PC Ryan Scammell, PC Mark Chapman, PC Alison Brownlow - professional investigative ability and victim care.

A series of indecent assaults against school girls on buses resulted in a dedicated operation by Schools PC Forder and Merton's Safer Transport Team. Through good use of intelligence and inventive planning, the team covered likely bus target locations - and actually found the suspect on a bus about to commit an offence. He was arrested and later charged with a range of offences.  

PC Scott Cassar, PC Jonny Greenfield, PC Usman Khan - immediate action dealing with a collapsed man who had stopped breathing, to administer first aid and CPR, saving his life.

Detective Sergeant Grant Donnachie, DC Paul Cherry - detective ability and tenacity to identify and arrest suspect for over 50 historic and ongoing indecent assault and exposure offences, against children. Through a protracted investigation, after exhaustive and fruitless lines of enquiry, a suspect was finally identified and charged with over 50 offences, receiving a substantial term of imprisonment at Crown Court. 

PC Colin Brookes, PC Stevens - professionalism and first aid skills to save life

On Christmas Day 2013, the officers responded to a 999 call where a baby had been seriously injured at home in a scalding accident. The officers took immediate action at home and they took baby and family to hospital in the police car, which saved the baby’s life.

PS Trevor Richards - leadership, professionalism, compassion

PC Danny Sparks, PC Mike Pacitti, PC Tom Queen - bravery, professionalism, compassion
These officers responded to a traffic incident where a police officer had been deliberately hit by a car, sustaining fatal injuries. With professionalism, bravery and compassion, they took immediate actions to look after their colleague and protect crime scenes, despite the deeply traumatic nature of  what had happened.

PS Trevor Richards, PS Simon Whitlock - dedication, professionalism and courage

Whilst searching for an aggravated burglary suspect, the sergeants encountered a suspect armed with a large combat knife, who had already threatened people nearby. They safely detained and disarmed the man, arresting him and taking a dangerous weapon off the street.

DI Dan O'Sullivan, DS Jim Knight, DC Pat Ryan, DC Nailah Sharif, DC Stewart Menzies, DC Tristan Mutts - detective ability, tenacity and diligence in a protracted investigation concerning a series of cross-border residential burglaries

Using all available resources, intelligence leads and local knowledge, three suspects were identified and a large-scale cross border operation with county police forces was set up. All three were arrested and convicted to substantial terms of imprisonment. 

Detective Sergeant Shirley Kennet, TDC Sarah Meade - immediate first aid to save life

The officers were at a train station returning to their police station, when a man collapsed on the platform. They gave immediate first aid and called an ambulance. They later found out he was recovering from major brain surgery, and had sustained a brain haemorrhage on the platform. Their prompt actions saved the man’s life, and enabled him to make a good recovery in time.

July 23, 2014