Plea To Reduce Kingston Road Traffic Congestion

Fears traffic will get worse when extra trams come into service

A petition has been launch to persuade Transport for London to reduce traffic congestion and the resulting air pollution along Kingston Road, west of the Tramlink crossing at the junction of Hartfield and Kingston Roads in Wimbledon.

Local Lib Dems are concerned about the potential impact of increased Tramlink services that are proposed to start from early 2016.

Tramlink is increasing its service from 8 to 12 trams per hour in peaks and they say in the longer term, traffic can only increase.

At a meeting organised by Lib Dem London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon, local campaigners Anthony Fairclough and Giles Bailey met with three managers from TfL to discuss the issue.

A set of proposals have been prepared to tackle this issue, before extra trams are added to the tram line and the sitting traffic and pollution get worse.

But the Lib Dems say Merton Council and local councillors have not agreed changes and so no action will be taken at the moment.

The petition is online at:

September 30, 2015