Take Care Of Your Mobile In Merton

Local police warn about increase in phone theft

Local police are warnng that the only offence category on the increase in Merton is the theft of mobile phones.

The below show how the offences have been increasing every year for the last three years. 

  • In Apr-Aug 2011 - there were 112 theft offences and of those 64 involved mobile phones (57%)
  • In Apr-Aug 2012 - there were 131 theft offences and of those 86 involved mobile phones (65%)
  • In Apr-Aug 2013 - there were 159 theft offences and of those 102 involved mobile phones (64%).

Apple's iPhone is by far the most stolen phone and accounts for 68% of all phones stolen in Merton. Samsung is next, but is way behind on 16%.

Borough Commander Darren Williams said: "The thing about phones nowadays is that they contain so much more than just contacts. Photos, texts and other things within them are often much more important to the victims than the actual phone itself. There is often also significant personal information within a phone nowadays that you really don't want a thief getting access to.

"The best crime prevention equipment every built is you and taking care of your property and being careful in crowded locations will prevent crime. Pressing *#06# on your phone keypad, getting your IMEI  number and registering your phone on www.immobilise.com will make it considerably easier for us to trace your phone if it gets stolen."

October 8, 2013