Live Webcam Streams Council's Nesting Peregrine Falcons

Chicks are gaining strength ready to fly the nest

Peregrine falcons which recently hatched on the roof of the Civic Centre are now preparing for their first flight.

The footage is available for everyone to watch as it happens on the council website, giving residents a fascinating insight into the movements of the fluffy chicks and adults.

The image on the right shows them piling up for warmth until they are large enough to regulate their own body temperature.

Last year four chicks successfully hatched on the 14 storey roof of the Civic Centre in Morden, with staff on alert in case there were any problems with them in the early days.

A CCTV camera was installed to monitor the falcons during the fledging period last June whilst the chicks’ wings and feathers develop and become strong enough for flight.

Peregrine falcons have been nesting on the roof of the Civic Centre since 2015 and they are monitored by the council alongside the London Peregrine Partnership.

The female normally lays three or four eggs in late March or April, which hatch about a month later. The chicks fledge at 38 to 44 days old. The adults then spend two months or more teaching the young to hunt before they become independent.

View the live webcam 24 hours a day by visiting the website at

May 9, 2017

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The peregrine falcons in their nest