Nordic Walking Comes To Wimbledon Common

Jackie strides ahead with growing form of exercise

Jackie Reiss was a city executive until she felt it was time for a change of lifestyle - and now she's coaching people in the art of Nordic walking.

She can often be found striding out on Wimbledon Common, with her Nordic poles (see right), giving tuition to those keen to learn more about this growing form of exercise.

Jackie, who lives in Wimbledon Park, says it's a very beneficial way of exercising as it uses 90% of the muscles in your body, but is of relatively low impact.

She said: "When I started on it, I became hooked. As well as fresh air, nature and pleasant company, once you've learned the technique you are exercising all your major muscles.

"It will burn more calories than just walking. We usually walk at a 3.5-4mph pace, and the poles support you. We can do muscle resistance exercises as well.

"But it can be good for those who don't exercise at all, and is certainly suitable for all ages up to 80. It's an exercise you can keep doing as long as you are well, and it really helps posture".

Jackie managed a law firm until she resigned in 2011 and is now an accredited instructor and delivery partner with Nordic Walking UK (NWUK) and a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS).

She likes to use Wimbledon Common for Nordic walking as there is a variety of terrain, with flat paths as well as hills where people can work themselves harder. She said it's a relatively cheap form of exercise, with 'starter' poles costing around £50 and no special clothing required.

Jackie said the most effective way of learning the technique is through four 1-hour sessions, and she will be offering free 'taster' sessions in the New Year. The next is on Wimbledon Common on Wednesday January 30. Her 'Learn to Nordic Walk' courses start on Tuesday January 22 and Wednesday February 6. She can be contacted via her StrideOutdoors website.

January 15, 2013

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