TfL Set To Improve Wimbledon Tram Services

New service patterns should cut waiting times for most trips

The Wimbledon tram service will be running to a new service pattern from November 5, which is aimed at improving the service.

TfL say the changes will make the service more reliable and less crowded with more even intervals between trams. It should significantly reduce ‘bunching’ – when a number of trams run closely together, followed by a large gap – which can currently be a problem on many parts of the network.

Overall, the changes should result in a reduction in typical waiting times for more than 75% of passengers. In addition, there will be more early morning services from Croydon towards Wimbledon to meet both current and expected future demand.

There will be slightly fewer services than today at Elmers End (trams every 10 minutes rather than every 7-8 minutes) but passengers at that stop will benefit from more even-interval services, and trams will be extended to Wimbledon throughout most of the day. This change affects 4% of tram journeys.

Key features of the new service pattern include:

  • Wimbledon services will operate every five minutes to Arena, with each alternate tram then branching off to either Beckenham Junction or Elmers End, providing each branch with a regular 10-minute service.
  • The New Addington service will run to West Croydon rather than Wimbledon, at the same frequency as now (every 7-8 minutes)
  • Most Elmers End services will operate through to Wimbledon rather than West Croydon, except in evenings.
  • Early morning services, particularly to Wimbledon, will ramp up to peak service frequency more quickly.
  • Tram line numbers will be removed from the front of trams, enabling us to increase the size of the destination text to assist passengers with a visual difficulties.
  • The introduction of even intervals will make the tram departure information at Wimbledon much clearer..

October 18, 2017

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