Merton Police Get New Mobile CCTV Van

Vehicle is for combating street crime

Merton police have a new mobile CCTV van they will be using to prevent street crime and anti-social behaviour.

The CCTV vehicle (right) looks like a standard police van, but features six cameras giving full coverage of the area, recording images in a hi-definition colour format. The system is also equipped with infrared.

Local police have been assigned the vehicle as part of a central funding scheme focussed on crime reduction and community safety.

They are now being trained to use the vehicle and its systems, which can operate in any public place.

Sergeant Tony Oram, from the Wimbledon Town Centre Team, said: "Our Mobile CCTV van is a major step forward in our street safety capability.

"The flexibility which this van offers is matched by the rigid procedures in place governing how the vehicle can be used. For example we will only film in public areas, with full respect for privacy and relevant legislation.

"The van is all about letting criminals and offenders know we are keeping an eye on public spaces such as shopping areas for example. If we prevent just one street crime that otherwise may have happened to an innocent victim, then the CCTV van has served its purpose well.”

Chief Inspector Mark Lawrence, Merton Police, added: "Few boroughs have ready access to such an advanced unit as this Mobile CCTV van. This vehicle will be a major asset to the work of our police teams in ensuring Merton remains a safe and pleasant place to live".

September 22, 2011