Meeting Over Plans For Nelson Hospital

Residents' views sought over Local Care Centre

An open evening is being held to give residents chance to comment plans to establish a Local Care Centre (LCC) at Wimbledon's Nelson Hospital.

The NHS plans to establish the centre at the hospital in Kingston Road, as part of their "Better Healthcare Closer to Home" project.

Earlier this year, more than 100 people attended meetings at the hospital, when plans for the Centre at that stage included diagnostics, a pharmacy, two local GP practices (Church Lane in Merton Park and Cannon Hill Lane in West Wimbledon), dentistry, mental health, endoscopy and other minor procedures.

An assisted housing scheme would be built on an adjacent site, now the Nelson Hospital's car park.

Residents then expressed concern at potential traffic problems - especially at the Watery Road junction with Kingston Road.

The latest meeting takes place at 8pm on Tuesday October 11 at St Andrews Church Hall in Herbert Road, Wimbledon.

It is understood a full planning application will be submitted in a few weeks, and the meeting will give people chance to question the project team and give them feedback.

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October 10, 2011