New Work By Ambidextrous Artist Goes On Show In Wimbledon

Toby Mulligan uses both sides of his brain to paint faster than he can think

Dancing in Style by Toby Mulligan

Artist Toby Mulligan, who is known for his unique style and ambidextrous technique, will be unveiling his latest body of work at an exhibition in Wimbledon on Saturday (May 25).


Mulligan’s artistic method is entirely individual – he begins to paint or draw spontaneously without any preparatory sketching, using both hands and both sides of his brain, rational and intuitive. This dialogue between his hands and two sides of his brain results in an emotional connection, an inspired process that works faster than the speed of distracting thought.


Describing his passion for painting, Mulligan explains he’s driven to paint by a spiritual connection to the world around him. He’s committed to being present, absorbing what he sees, feels and senses around him. He then paints what he has learnt and understood through his profound mindful practice. Ultimately encouraging the viewer to appreciate the world right here right now, as he explains; “as unfettered by stuff and thinking as the day we were born. Always be open, always amazed.” 


Mulligan’s distinctive contemporary portraits and landscapes have earned him a list of international clientele, including Roger Federer and Mick Jagger. The headline of the tour, “About Time”, is the title of a painting of his daughter which was a finalist for the BP Portrait Award in 2012.


Clarendon CEO Helen Swaby said: “We’re extremely excited to be hosting Toby Mulligan’s UK tour on the walls of the Clarendon Fine Art galleries, and are looking forward to introducing his masterful latest body of work to our clients. Mulligan is such a special artist – he’s one of a kind. Driven by a deep passion for what he creates, at such an intense speed, he’s become a major force in British art over the last decade.”


The exhibition takes place at Clarendon Fine Art in Wimbledon Village on Saturday (May 25) from 2pm-4pm. Pictured above is Dancing In Style.


May 22, 2019