MP Demands Meeting With Colliers Wood Flats' Developers

Fears 'Wimbledon Reach' flats will be used for investment and remain empty

MP Siobhain McDonagh is asking for a meeting with developers marketing the flats being built on the Colliers Wood library site as "Wimbledon Reach".

In a letter to Rocco Homes she has pointed out that the £476,000 cost of a one-bedroom flat in the scheme would be out of reach of even an MP's salary.

Two-bedroom flats on the six-storey development in Colliers Wood High Street are being marketed for £663,200.

Siobhain McDonagh, MP for Mitcham & Morden, says she is "worried" that the homes are being marketed abroad. Her letter states this "could potentially see many of the properties used purely for investment purposes and remain empty".

She also points out that in order to afford a £476,000 flat, with a 20% deposit of £95,200, a potential owner would need to be earning around £84,000 a year - more than an MP.

A petition calling for the development to be re-named has also gathered more than 150 signatures.

It states: "Rocco Homes are building a new residential development right next door to Colliers Wood tube station in the very heart of Colliers Wood. They wish to name it "Wimbledon Reach".

"The residents believe this is denying our community and ignoring the vibrancy and close nature of the local area and the things it has to offer. We don't want to have building named after a town a minimum of 20 minutes away and would like the developer to reconsider the name of the building to something more local and appropriate for the area.

"Indeed, Colliers Wood is not "close" to Wimbledon Tennis Club or Richmond Park! And the acknowledgement of the tower under development should also be in any promotional material."

A video promoting the development featured not only images of the tennis at Wimbledon, but deer grazing in Richmond Park.

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February 12, 2016