Whoever Wins On May 7, Wimbledon Will Always Be A Winner

Vote for Wimbledon says Chartered Surveyor Michael Tibbatts

Forget the party political manifestos.

Wimbledon will always be a winner. We have three outstanding characteristics: location; location; location.

The years before the last election 2007 - 2008, were not good years for residential property growth. The gaps in property values between Wimbledon and Central London grew wider before 2010. But it’s set to change.

The differential in growth between Wimbledon flats and Central London Flats has narrowed in the last five years and whoever forms the next government this trend will continue – because of the opportunity our location presents.

Wimbledon is just 7½ miles from central London. Waterloo station is reached by trains, which run every 3-5 minutes - the journey time is 20 minutes.  Wimbledon main line station is the end of the District Line (Underground) and South Wimbledon is on the Northern Line (Underground). 

The strong possibility of Crossrail 2 linking the southeast to HS2, Euston and beyond will be the subject of further consultation in the autumn of 2015. It is likely that this major infrastructure project will follow on from Crossrail and will run through Wimbledon Town and Wimbledon Main Line Stations.

Wimbledon property will continue to grow - and be a winner- whoever wins on 7th May because: 

  1. Wimbledon’s location relative to Central London is unrivalled.
  2. Wimbledon’s location relative to the South East and the West is superior.
  3. A prodigious ‘top drawer’ housing area – Wimbledon Common – exists.
  4. The ‘cache’ of SW19 is a ‘draw card’ and so too is SW20.  The gap in property growth between SW19 and SW20 used to be marked. It is now much less so.
  5. The attraction of ‘Wimbledon Fortnight’ is unique.
  6. There is a plentiful housing stock to suit ‘all pockets’.
  7. Excellent facilities and transport links, which are going to improve over the next decade, exist.


  8. The open space – green lung –  that is Wimbledon Common is ‘on our doorstep’.

Vote for Wimbledon.

Canny owners of houses and flats already have.


April 17, 2015

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