Merton's Volunteer Bodies Have Merged

Aim to better serve the local community

Two organisations looking after the voluntary sector in Merton - Merton Voluntary Service Council (MVSC) and Volunteer Centre Merton (VCM) - have merged.

The move follows an extended period of collaborative working and discussions, funded by The Cabinet Office and their Transforming Local Infrastructure Programme.

The merger results in a single organisation - MVSC -that supports and develops the voluntary sector in the borough. This one stop shop should better serve both the local community and community groups.

MVSC is currently recruiting a new CEO to lead all functions of the merged organisation. MVSC's Interim CEO, Ian Beever, has been in post since December and has been leading the organisation through the process of merging and aligning towards the future.

It is anticipated that the new CEO will be in post in September at which point the merger and organisational changes will be complete. This enables the new CEO to focus on the future strategy of the organisation, building on the work undertaken to strengthen and refocus MVSC through the merger with VCM.

MVSC says the merged organisation will provide:

a single point of contact

a wide range of high quality specialist support drawn from a greater range of resources and expertise, including private sector expertise

access to a wider range of networks and forums to share good practice and peer to peer support

a clear communication channel for voluntary sector organisations, community organisers and volunteers

a clear channel of engagement for the public and private sectors.

It also says the merged organisation will provide a service which:

is better able to meet the needs of voluntary sector organisations

is better at helping and transforming organisations

helps organisations meet the challenge of the new climate in which they have to operate

provide an exemplar to organisations in terms of its effectiveness, efficiency and ability to change and respond to new circumstances

has greater capacity to support organisations providing more support across a broader range of issues

is easy to understand and access

helps to make Merton a borough that is fair and where people from all walks of life can participate in all aspects of society.

Ian Beever, Interim CEO at MVSC is excited about the future and what it means for community action in the borough. He said: "By coming together, we will be a stronger voice for volunteering and the voluntary sector. I'm especially proud of the staff and trustees from both organisations in adapting to the challenging environment. The unified organisation will be launching some exciting new ventures in the autumn, aimed at increasing voluntary action in Merton."

VCM and MVSC staff are now sharing offices. Please address all post to MVSC. Staff can be contacted by phone on 020 8685 1771 and by email

July 1, 2014