Uninsured Merton Drivers Caught

Local police check 12,000 vehicles

Seventeen uninusured vehicles were taken off the road in Merton after a day-long operation across the borough.

Police taking part in the London-wide Operation Cubo scanned all approaching vehicles at Merantun Way in Wimbledon as well as two locations in Mitcham.

The police teams checked 12,000 vehicles in Merton on Thursday (February 2) of which 177 vehicles were stopped. Four searches were carried out with other supporting enquiries.

Seventeen uninsured vehicles were seized at the roadside, with each driver receiving a £200 Fixed Penalty Notice carrying six penalty points.

A transit van driver had an unexpected interruption to his working day - he was driving his vehicle with no valid insurance, and had the van seized.

Two local men in a black Fiat Punto were stopped - the driver was giving a lift to his brother, but again took an unnecessary risk by driving with no insurance. His car was also seized, with a Fixed Penalty Notice issued.

Vehicles taken at the roadside by police were removed to a secure storage facility in another part of London. To get their vehicles back, the offending driver has 14 days to pay the £200 fine, £150 release fee plus a daily storage charge, as well as producing a valid original certificate of insurance, with other documents as required. Failure to do so means the permanent loss of their vehicle, which is either destroyed or sold.

Chief Inspector Mark Lawrence, Merton Police, said: "Operation Cubo is all about disrupting criminality; 80% of seizures for no insurance stem from people with criminal convictions.

"The operation demonstrates Merton Police's commitment to making our streets and our roads safer. The vast majority of Merton's road users drive safely and legally. Why should they tolerate those who do not? The message is simple, no insurance means no car."

February 5, 2012

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