Merton Long-Term Unemployment Increases

Latest figures are released

Long-term youth unemployment in Merton is on the increase, according to the latest figures.

In May, there were 130 people aged 18-24 in the borough who had been claiming job seekers' allowance for more than a year. This compares with 125 people in April (a rise of 4%), and 95 people in February (a rise of 37%).

Across London, the increase in long-term youth unemployment from April to May was 4.9%. But the overall picture in the capital improved, as the unemployment rate for all ages fell by 0.5% to 9.7%.

The figures also show that there were 529 job vacancies in Merton, with an average of 7.4 people on job seekers' allowance chasing each job. There were 970 people, aged 16-64, who were classed as long-term unemployed in the borough in May, this compares with 925 in April.

Across the capital, there were 28,982 job vacancies, with an average of 7.8 people on job seekers' allowance for each job.

Labour London Assembly Member Fiona Twycross said: "The slight reduction in unemployment is welcome, however more needs to be done to tackle youth unemployment and job creation.

"There has been a significant reduction in the number of jobs available, meaning that more and more people are chasing fewer jobs. The Mayor and government need to bring forward a plan for jobs and growth to get people back to work. They could start with a tax on bankers’ bonuses to fund work placements for young unemployed people."

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June 28, 2012