Local Political Drama Caught On Camera

A letter to the editor

Dear Editor

It is not often in public life that your opponents start fighting amongst themselves in full view of the public. However that is just what happened last Wednesday at the Merton’s Annual Council meeting.

The former Conservative leader and his deputy described their colleagues as “disgraceful, dishonest and poisonous” with a “culture of back-stabbing and duplicity that some members of the current Conservative group appear to have adopted as their badge of honour."

Four then resigned from the Conservative Group and a fifth followed on Friday.

So that residents of SW19 can see for themselves that this is not just a fiction invented by me as a Labour councillor, I would urge readers to access the live council  recording at http://www.merton.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/104018

Residents can hear the views of Councillor Suzanne Evans (former Deputy Leader) and Councillor Richard Hilton (former Leader) of their colleagues.    

The key part runs from 13minutes and 6 seconds  to 19 minutes and 25 seconds.  It is six and a half minutes of malice which only those without a sense of humour will find it hard not enjoy! Some colleagues say it is more entertaining than any recent film shown at the Wimbledon Odeon and it's free!

Best wishes

Peter Walker

Labour Councillor

21 Caroline Road

SW19 3QL

May 20, 2013