Merton Wins Charity Cash In New Year's Day Parade

Volunteers create transport-themed entry

Merton maintained form at London's 2015 New Year's day Parade, winning £6,000 for the Mayor of Merton's charities, Shooting Star Chase and Merton Street Pastors.

With its specially designed walking bus, tube and London taxi (right), and its transport-themed song, the borough came second out of a total of 14 entries from across London.

The Younger Generation Theatre Group sang and danced to the song, On the Move, which was composed for the occasion by Councillor Linda Kirby.

Colour House team Peter Wallder and Charlie Shakespeare created the bus/tube and John Hawks built the taxi, tube and bus which were integral to the dancers’ routine. The project was co-ordinated by Councillor Geraldine Stanford.

Seventy volunteers took part in Merton's entry: Councillors, Younger Generation and families, The Colour House Children's Theatre Team, Merton and Morden Guild and regular Merton Parade faithfuls. Breakfast was provided on the way to central London in the early morning, courtesy of Mike Smith from McDonalds.

Merton has won the parade four times and has come second twice. A video of Merton’s entry can be seen here: Merton's New Year Day parade entry.

Mayor of Merton, Councillor Agatha Akyigyina said: "It's fantastic news that we have once again gained recognition for the abundance of local artistic talent we have in Merton and that this talent has won my two wonderful charities £6,000. Through the charities' work, a lot of people will benefit from the money and I would like to thank everyone who was involved in making Merton a winning entry."

January 8, 2014