Council Will Review Your Merton Issues

Put your ideas to the scrutiny panels

Merton residents have the chance to suggest the local issues they would like to see reviewed by the borough council.

Each year Merton Council's scrutiny panels asks local residents to come forward with ideas on issues affecting them or their local area in order to see how the council and other public services might be able to make improvements or help.

Last year the task group carried out a review of the night time economy, with a particular focus on how residents are affected by late night drinking in Merton's town centres.

Recommendations taken from this group will be used when looking at licensing and alcohol campaigns in the future.

In the past, scrutiny panels have looked at a large range of issues including quality of care in nursing homes, the impact of the recession and parks and education.

Scrutiny panels hold the Cabinet to account, improve and develop council policies and examine decisions before they are made.

Residents are welcome to attend meetings, which are split into four areas; children and young people, corporate capacity, healthier communities and older people, and sustainable communities.

Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Commission, Councillor Peter Southgate (left) said: "By now everyone must be aware of the cuts in public sector funding to be made over the next four years.

"These will inevitably change the way Merton council and its partners in the police and NHS deliver services to residents, so their views on how best to adapt our services to meet their needs on reduced budgets will be vital to us. Scrutiny gives residents a voice to influence these difficult choices."

To find out more about how to get involved in scrutiny, email or call 020 8545 3864. Details from previous reviews can be found at

February 17, 2011