Anyone For Recycling?

Merton's recycling is on the rise

Merton's recycling rate has increased by 10% in the past five years, with 75% of residents saying it is now a "way of life".

The recycling rate for the borough now stands at 36.3%, with the council now introducing 'dual' litter bins in the town centres to encourage even more. There are now also special recycling points at the Wimbledon tennis championships.

Cabinet member for environmental sustainability and environmental regeneration councillor Andrew Judge said: "Recycling is something we can all do to protect the environment.

"It helps to reduce the amount of energy and materials necessary to produce new goods, which in turn helps with the battle against climate change. 

"Recycling also reduces the amount of rubbish that has to be buried in the ground as landfill, reducing the uncontrolled release of climate change gases like methane into the atmosphere."

June 27, 2011