White Ribbon Day Launch

Merton police back domestic violence campaign

Merton police have been rated top across London for tackling domestic violence and have a 26% reduction in offences.

The figures were revealed with the launch of White Ribbon Day on Thursday (November 25) and in support of the Women’s Aid "Real Man" campaign.

Merton police, which has also achieved a 64% detection rate for domestic violence, works in partnership with Merton Council and other organisations to support and encourage victims of domestic violence to report all incidents.

Detective Sergeant Grant Donnachie, Merton Borough Community Safety Unit, said: "The White Ribbon is a symbol of hope for a world where women and girls can live free from the fear of violence. Wearing the ribbon is about challenging the acceptability of violence by getting men involved, helping women to break the silence, and encouraging everyone to come together to build a better world for all.

"As an organisation, I'm genuinely pleased to say that the MPS is in the forefront of those involved in breaking the cycle of domestic violence and on a local and personal level, the Merton Divisional Community Safety Unit prides itself in going that extra mile to support those victims who seek our help and expertise.  

"In this day and age, partner violence should be the rarity rather than the norm.  If you are a victim, please contact the police or any other Domestic Violence organisation - you will be given every support, which is completely free and confidential."

Borough Commander Chief Superintendent Dick Wolfenden added: "Domestic violence crime destroys lives and families. These campaigns and other support such as our One Stop advice surgery for anyone concerned about or living with domestic violence, show how seriously we take this problem. There is no place to hide for these offenders"

If you are experiencing domestic violence or are worried about someone you know, contact your local police Community Safety Unit on 0300 123 1212. In an emergency needing urgent police attendance, call 999.

November 25, 2010