Merton's Police Chief Sacked For Inappropriate Behaviour

Darren Williams had been suspended on full pay for 15 months

Merton's suspended police chief Darren Williams has been sacked after being found guilty of inappropriate behaviour towards female colleagues.

Detective Chief Superintendent Williams (pictured right) had been suspended on full pay of £80,000 since January 2014.

But he has lost his job after a two-day hearing found that the five allegations against him amounted to gross misconduct. The hearing was held in private, just ahead of new rules that mean similar cases must be heard in public.

The Taxpayers' Alliance has criticised the Metropolitan Police for the cost of leaving him suspended on full pay for 15 months.

Mr Williams had pleaded guilty to misconduct in the five allegations, which included one allegation of failing to disclose a gift. But the panel found that together his actions amounted to misconduct.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Fiona Taylor, directorate of professionalism, said: "We expect high standards from our officers and we are naturally very disappointed that Darren Williams' behaviour has fallen so significantly short of that expected of any officer, let alone one so senior."

Jonathan Isaby. from the Taxpayers' Alliance, said: "Everyone deserves a fair hearing, but disciplinary proceedings that drag on this long result in a massive bill for taxpayers. Ultimately, residents want bobbies on the beat, not in the garden."

Mr Williams had been Merton's Borough Commander since February 2012, and immediately made himself a high-profile public figure.

One event saw him taking part in a charity boxing bout against former world heavyweight champion Tim Witherspoon. He was pictured with Tim (right) in a Wimbledon gym as part of the pre-fight publicity.

May 10, 2015