Illegal Pavement Parkers Face Council Crackdown

Council publishes list of streets it will be targeting

Illegal pavement parkers in and around Wimbledon could face fines of up to £130 from later this month in a new Merton Borough Council crackdown.

Following concerns it says has been raised by residents, especially wheelchair users and parents with push chairs, it will be issuing parking tickets to motorists who park on the pavement where this is not allowed.

The roads where pavement parking is not allowed are listed on the council's website: Merton roads affected by pavement parking policy.

At some locations, pavement parking will be allowed provided there is a minimum gap of a metre on the pavement for wheelchair users and pedestrians to pass the vehicle. The council has already put up signs on lamp posts in the relevant streets where it will be carrying out enforcement action.

There will be a two week grace period for motorists to adapt to the new enforcement regime.  Until April 17, any driver parking in contravention will receive a warning letter referring them to the signs. From April 18, people illegally parked on the pavement will receive a penalty charge of up to £130.

Last month it also warned it was installing number plate recognition cameras across Merton in all roads where there are yellow box junctions, no right turns and bus lanes. It will start operating them to catch motoring offenders from June.

As well as pavements, the council will also be clamping down on drivers parking on grass verges although, in narrow roads with grass verges, parking with two wheels on the kerbstone (but not the grass) will be permitted.

Merton’s director of environment and regeneration, Chris Lee said: "Residents have told us that cars are taking up too much room on pavements so from April we will be enforcing against this inconsiderate and potentially dangerous practice. Illegal parking makes it difficult for people in wheelchairs, residents with push chairs and those with sight impairments to get past safely.”

For details on what roads are affected, visit

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April 6, 2016