Wildflower Bulb Planting In Merton Park

Lottery grant aids local environmental scheme

More than 5,000 wildflower bulbs have been planted by residents along the Merton Park Green Walks.

The planting of the bulbs, which include English bluebells, wild daffodils and tulips, is part of a plan to attract more wildlife, with particular emphasis on helping the bee population.

Willmore End Residents' Association (WERA) won a £3,900 Lottery grant to enable them to make the environmental improvements to the nature reserve trail between Merton Park tram station and Morden Road in South Wimbledon.

A number of trees including several 'Merton' varieties, and a wide range of wildflower seeds and bulbs, have already been planted in the last couple of years.

During the next few weeks a 50m long hedge of native tree species will also be planted between the tram line and the end of Melbourne Road.

WERA is helped by Dr David Channon, CEO of the locally-based environmental company ‘Microbee’, with a plot of land adjoining the Merton Park Green Walks on which he has planted a unique collection of Merton apple and other trees which were developed when John Innes Institute was based in the borough.

There are also a number of beehives kept by the Wimbledon Beekeepers' Association.

November 28, 2013