Merton Marks World Poetry Day

Pupils pen their own poems

Two local children have been rewarded for penning poems about their favourite place in Merton as part of World Poetry Day.

The winners from Malmesbury school in Morden will receive toy vouchers as their prizes. They were:

Age Category 5-7
Runner up:
Eleanor Hetherington – aged 6
Dennis Jitaru - aged 6

Dennis's poem is below:

My Favourite Place in Merton
The place I mostly like
Is where I ride a bike
I take my dog for a walk
Play with other kids and talk We jump and scream and sing
Or throw a Frisbee ring
Some dogs run and bark
You've guessed it
It’s the park!

Age Category 8-11
Runner up: Keeleigh Barton, aged 9
Winner: Aaron Amer, aged 8

Aaron's poem is below:

Deen City Farm
Deen City Farm is a fun place to go,
you can go in the summer but never in the snow.
The chickens come first in different shapes and sizes
but be warned when you try to feed them they don’t like surprises.
Next we see the birds singing their favourite song
Tweet tweet here, tweet tweet all day long.
Now here come the pigs, big, bold and proud
Sitting in the mud, to touch we’re not allowed.
The day is nearly over and the sun is set to calm
I had a wonderful day at Deen City Farm.

March 17, 2013