Local Labour Party Launches Its Election Manifesto

Parties get set for May 22 local election

Launching Labour's local election manifesto for Merton, Councillor Stephen Alambritis has promised that a Labour council tax will remain frozen until 2019.

Councillor Alambritis (pictured right) donned ski gear and goggles to highlight his party's tax freeze promise at the manifesto launch, which took place at local independent fridge freezer shop Paul Electrical on Grand Drive in Lower Morden.

Councillor Alambritis, a former leading member of the UK's Federation of Small Businesses before Merton Council leader, claims his business background, and determination to run the Council in a "businesslike way", means he can freeze tax and protect services.

He said: "I know many of our residents still face difficult times but because we have got on top of the Council's finances, Labour in Merton has been able to freeze council tax for the last four years, and our track record shows we can keep the big freeze going until 2019.

"Labour's big freeze has come without closing any libraries or children's centres, or ending the weekly rubbish collection. Anyone who thinks you can cut taxes without cutting services needs a long lie down in a cool room.

"When the Conservatives were in charge they put council tax up by £100, so on May 22 residents have a choice between Conservatives who can't deliver on their promises and a businesslike Labour Council that has protected services and brought the big freeze to Merton."

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May 9, 2014