Give Your Opinion On Local Health Priorities

Consultation now open for residents

Merton residents are being given the chance to take part in a consultation on the borough's first "Health and Wellbeing" strategy.

Residents will have until December 3 say what they think is important to Health and Wellbeing in Merton by requesting a copy of the draft strategy by emailing

The aim of the strategy is to tackle health inequalities as well as helping people improve their health. It will identify key priorities and look at how services can collaborate to increase efficiency and improve the quality of services for local people.

A draft document has been put together by the Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board, which is a partnership of local councillors, Merton Council officers, Merton Clinical Commissioning Group and representatives of the health and voluntary sector.

Residents' views on the draft strategy will be taken into account before the final strategy is published. The strategy is due to be released early 2013 with feedback on the findings of the consultation to be included in the Health and Wellbeing Board pages.

Merton's cabinet member for adult social care and health, Councillor Linda Kirby said: "I hope as many residents as possible take the opportunity to voice their opinions on the draft Health and Wellbeing strategy as the purpose of this is to make services better for them. All feedback from residents is invaluable for this process."

October 17, 2012