Letter To The Editor: Action On Merton Hall Road Footbridge

Dear Editor,

Mr Fairclough raises important points about the state of the bridge between Merton Hall Road and Elm Grove (‘Letter To The Editor: Merton Hall Road Footbridge’, 13 October 2014).

The good news is that Stephen Hammond MP and I have an ongoing dialogue with Network Rail about the bridge. Combined with pressure from residents, we have finally got Network Rail to act. The bridge has now been surveyed and marked out physically for renovation.

As regards cleaning, it does not make sense for Network Rail to make a special journey to sweep it as the cost outweighs the benefit. The Council must strike a deal with Network Rail and clean it for a fee. Neither body seems interested at the moment. This must change and we will continue to lobby both to act.

Residents and Conservative councillors have cleaned alleyways and bridges a number of times in the last year. Recently we cleared over a 1,000 cans and bottles.

The community are happy to help but authorities must not see this as an excuse to do nothing.

Councillor David Dean

Dundonald Ward Councillor (Conservative)

October 20, 2014