Education Debate In Merton Park

Ask about secondary education expansion

Merton Park Independent Councillors think now is the time to learn more about the growth in demand for secondary education across the borough.

With Rutlish School achieving increasingly high standards in Merton Park Ward, they say residents will want to know what plans Merton Council has for accommodating extra places.

They have asked Paul Ballatt, Merton's Head of Commissioning, Strategy and Performance, to talk to residents about ‘Expansion of Secondary Education in Merton’ during a meeting on Tuesday (March 4) at 8pm at Merton Park Primary School, Erridge Road. 

There will also be plenty of time to put questions to ward councillors. With the council due to decide on their annual budget the following evening, they think residents might want to hear about and discuss the budget outlook

March 3, 2014