Merton Police Warning On Car Catalytic Converter Thefts

Thieves are jacking up cars and stealing parts in local public car parks

Met police

Merton police have warned owners of 'hybrid' cars to be wary of a spate of thefts of vehicle catalytic converters.

They have reported "several" thefts of catalytic converters from Toyota Prius vehicles parked in public car parks in Morden.

They have asked people to call police if they spot someone jacking a car up while someone else is acting as a look-out.

Merton Park PCSO Nigel Sanders said: "If you do own a Prius and need to park it in a public car park, try to park it in a space which is on show to passing vehicles and members of public if one is avaliable and not right at the back out of eyes sight.

If you see anything suspicious such as anyone laying on the ground with the car jacked up and another person you believe is looking out, contact the police."

March 12, 2019