How Often Does Your Councillor Attend Meetings?

Merton Council attendance records are now public

Council meeting attendance figures are now being made public, following a campaign by local councillors.

Figures showing the number of times councillors attend Merton Borough Council meetings are now being published.

The figures have been released following pressure from a number of local councillors.

Councillor Oonagh Moulton, Leader of Merton Conservatives said: "I welcome the publication at last of councillor attendance figures. This is something that many other councils have been doing for some time and Merton needed to catch up.

"Even though we only have partial figures for this year which can't yet show a complete picture of councillor attendance, it is only right that residents can now see for themselves how their elected representatives are working on their behalf."

Merton Lib Dems have also welcomed the new addition to the Merton Council website. Councillor Iain Dysart, leader of the Merton Lib Dems, said the information had been readily available on Richmond Council's website for several years after being instigated by local Lib Dem councillors.

He said: "Whilst this process has taken longer than we hoped, we welcome the increased transparency brought about as a result of our efforts. Residents can now see at a glance how diligent or otherwise their representatives are, and this is part of our ongoing campaign to open up the council".

You can see the attendance figures on this link.

December 3, 2013