Merton Arrest After Murder Of Soldier In Woolwich

Arrest follows offensive tweets about local mosque

Merton police have arrested a local man for 'tweeting' offensive messages following the death of a soldier on a street in Woolwich on Wednesday (May 22).

They have also been carrying out extra patrols in certain parts of the borough as a sign of "reassurance" following the the murder of 25-year-old Drummer Lee Rigby by two men.

Borough Commander Darren Williams revealed that the arrest was made today (May 24) in response to offensive tweets about the Baitul Futuh Mosque in Morden.

Mr Williams, along with Siobhain McDonough MP, went along to Friday prayers at the mosque to show their support for the Muslim community there, who were holding a special meeting to pray for Lee Rigby and his family.

There had been a number of threats on social media sites to burn the mosque down, and there have been attacks on mosques in other parts of the UK.

Mr Williams said: "As you can imagine this horrific incident has shocked people all over the world but we must not let an incident like this divide our communities. You will now doubt have seen an increased police presence in some areas of the borough as we try and reassure people."

May 24, 2013