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Review: Love Talk at New Wimbledon Theatre Studio

Love Talk at New Wimbledon Theatre Studio
Love Talk in the Studio at New Wimbledon Theatre

If you visit Wimbledon Theatre Studio this week you will be explosed to a fascinating and cleverly constructed insight into human relationships and emotions through a contemporary couple as we follow a ten year period of the life’s journey of characters Lauren and Adam, wonderfully represented by Megan Cooper and Will Charlton.

As the work progresses they are joined by third actor Chris Austin who plays Ethan, so superbly. I have to say I was totally engaged in this story, so excellently and clearly portrayed, from start to finish.

Love Talk is presented by Sycamore House Productions and is directed and written by Emma Gueye. It is simply set in a garden, where Lauren and Adam meet at a party and the work explores age-old themes of love, sorrow, jealousy, misunderstandings; the list goes on.

Gueye’s ability to portray how relationships can evolve through time and life’s events is indeed insightful and is treated in a slowly evolving and realistic fashion. To add to the mix we have the most wonderful scenes of comedy, along with music from the album ‘Now! That’s What I Call Music’. Truly a clever reaction of the cornucopia of the passage of ten years of life. This work is a great production, tremendously entertaining, and I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

By Carol Whittaker

April 29, 2023