Wimbledon Bookfest Review: Liz Earle

'The Good Gut Guide' and more in The Big Tent

The 11th annual Wimbledon BookFest brings the worlds of literature, the arts, popular culture, film and sport to the Big Tent on Wimbledon Common.

There are almost 100 events taking place until October 15, showcasing a diverse range of literary names, local talent, politics, current affairs, sport, film, music, theatre and children’s events. Here Anne Horsburgh reviews Liz Earle and 'Inner Health for Inner Beauty'.

For my first visit to this year’s Wimbledon Bookfest, I went to hear Liz Earle talk about her latest book, ‘The Good Gut Guide'.

I have used Liz's skincare range for many years but, being a sufferer from gastric problems, I was particularly interested in what she had to say about gut health.

Liz herself is an inspiring advert for her philosophy and it's hard to believe she has been in the health and beauty business for 30 years and, in addition to writing some 30 best sellers and running an organic farm, she has also raised five children.

Introducing her book, Liz talked about the microbiome and discussed how what we eat affect the health of the gut. She is strong advocate of organic produce and, as she commented, it's not just that we are what we eat, but also what we eat eats!

The Good Gut guide is split into two parts; the first outlining a six week plan to cleanse and reboot the gut and the second comprises recipes including Kombucha (fermented green or black tea) which Liz talked about and was drinking during the session.

The session finished with a lively Q&A and afterwards there was a rush to purchase the book which Liz would sign. Unfortunately it had sold out by the time I reached the top of the queue! Luckily it is available on Amazon including a Kindle version.

I found what she had to say fascinating and thought-provoking and it certainly struck a chord, not only with me but with many other members of the audience, judging by the nodding heads and murmurs of recognition.

By Anne Horsburgh

 See www.wimbledonbookfest.org for complete programme details.

October 10, 2017

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