Letters To The Editor

Better planning needed for Merton's Parking

Inner London rules dictating Merton’s parking needs have been a hassle for too long.

It’s naïve to think every Londoner can live without a car.  As some of us outer Londoners know all too well, public transport just isn’t always workable in less connected areas. We would all like less congestion and pollution on our roads but a brute force approach of denying spaces to new dwellings doesn’t address those problems. The reality is without spaces people will park wherever they can, which can make a real mess of Merton’s streets.

The 2015 report “Parking Up” showed that there was less than one space per new dwelling in outer London. The Mayor and Assembly have recently pushed through changes to fix this imbalance, giving less connected areas power over parking in new developments. Having inner London rules dictating our local parking needs have been a hassle for too long, and these changes will be a step towards more practical planning.

Richard Tracey
GLA Conservatives Assembly Member for Merton and Wandsworth

How can nuclear weapons keep us safe?

I cannot understand why the Government keeps telling us that nuclear weapons keep us safe. Each Trident missile is capable of murdering millions of people and leaving whole cities a radioactive desert, but Trident is powerless against the real threats to our security: suicidal groups like ISIS , global pandemics and climate change. Trident is militarily useless!

Joanna Bazley
Wilton Grove
London SW19

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February 19, 2016