Letter To The Editor: Zero Hours Contracts

Greens call for permanent contracts

Dear Editor

It has been reported that six Labour councils in London, including Merton, use zero hour contracts.

The Labour party have avoided condemning Zero hour contracts, instead calling for a debate into the issue.

The Merton Green Party finds the idea that the Merton council uses Zero hour contracts disgusting. The exploitation of individuals desperately seeking work highlights the very core problem that we have in our society.

Unison found that 97% of councils were using these contracts for homecare services. Our council’s role is to provide assistance, and care to those who need it, and exploiting the opportunity for cuts in such a manner is frankly disgusting. In times of economic hardship, we should be supporting those who want to help our vulnerable, not suffocating them with inconsistent working hours and pay.

This reduces the quality of care provided, which will cause more repercussions, than paying the hard working members of our society a living wage. Zero hour contracts are also a smokescreen to local statistics of employment, as these workers are employed by the council, but may only do 5 hours of work a week.

The Merton Green Party calls on the Council to offer permanent contracts to all workers on Zero Hour contracts. The extra cost of the service will be reflected in the quality of care provided.

Dominik Leeson

Merton Green Party Spokesman

@Merton Greens

August 9, 2013