Political In-Fighting Leaves Greens "Aghast"

Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

The Merton Green Party has been left aghast at the developments of the past week within the Merton Council. The internal fighting amongst the Conservative group shows the lack of respect our councillors have of their role as public servants. As elected representatives, Merton residents put their trust in their councillors to ensure our schools are succeeding; our roads are in good shape; our recreational parks are maintained; and addressing many other concerns we have. However, we are now seeing the true face of our local politicians who merely display self-centred, Machiavellian conduct that shows a lack of respect to one and another. Why should I now trust and respect our councillors, if they cannot respect each other? These “career politicians” have failed to see the reality of their residents, the needs of our Borough, and instead of working together, all sides, to ensure Merton comes through this economic hardship as unscathed as possible, they have merely shown why politicians are despised.

If, as some reports suggest, the councillors decide to join another party, a by-election will have to be enforced which, with local elections next year, will be quite simply a waste of time. Furthermore, the beliefs of such mentioned parties go against the very nature upon Merton’s diversity, the very thing that makes Merton thrive.

The Merton Green Party will campaign strongly to prevent any unwelcomed political ideology from entering the Borough’s already shamed Council chamber. In our economic climate, we need to work together, ensure all people are cared for, and not scapegoat those who are seen as “the problem” for their apparent reliance on our services or undertake the very jobs that need doing to keep us clean, safe and in good health. I shudder to think what the future has in store for the Council Chamber. I am also sure there will be many more backstabbing revelations to come. Shambles.

Yours sincerely

Dominik Leeson
Merton Green Party

May 21, 2013