Letter: Raising Safety Concerns About Lower Downs Road Bridge

Dear Editor,

There have been various concerns raised recently in the local press about the number of collisions as vehicles go under the Lower Downs Road railway bridge in my ward.

Dundonald Councillors have tried over many years to have a separate pedestrian tunnel built next to the Lower Downs Bridge so that pedestrians, buggies and cyclists can travel more safely along Lower Downs Road. This solution, however, has always been deemed too expensive.

A number of safety improvements have been made in the area; height restrictions signs have been erected on Worple Road; speed bumps have been introduced on both sides of the tunnel and a controlled parking zone introduced in Toynbee Road to reduce congestion. Nevertheless, high-sided vehicles crashing into the bridge still is a regular occurrence.

The “Dundonald grid” is heavily used by motorists moving between Kingston Road/ Worple Road/ Wimbledon and whilst earlier height restriction bars or flashing warning lights may now need to be introduced by the tunnel; one thing we don’t want to have is a ban on traffic going under the bridge. We do, however, want cars to travel at the 20 mph speed limit; for motorists to respect cyclists and pedestrians and to know the height of the vehicle they are driving to ensure they can clear the bridge. It doesn’t seem too much to ask.

Concerned residents can join a public meeting hosted by Dundonald Councillors, being held at Wimbledon Chase Primary School on 11 November starting at 7pm.

Yours faithfully

Councillor Suzanne Grocott
Conservative Councillor for Dundonald Ward

October 29, 2015