South London Incinerator Decision: A Letter To The Editor

Greens say it will be "environmental disaster"

Dear Editor

The Merton Green Party is extremely disappointed with the decision made by the Mayor of London to build an incinerator in Beddington Lane.

The decision goes against his own planning and waste policies, and the concerns raised by all the local green parties as well as Stop The Incinerator Campaign, have been ignored.

Furthermore, the impact it will have on the green spaces in Sutton will be severely detrimental. It is an environmental disaster for South London and Merton.

The Mayor claims to want to make London a greener city, but plans like these do just the opposite. Furthermore, with the EU Commission publishing a report on Air Quality this autumn, it is expected that London will be severely criticised for its pollution, and can face hefty fines. Such plans such as this Waste Incinerator, in light of this, seems quite frankly illogical. How does burning 300,000 tonnes of waste help improve our air quality? Poor air quality has been linked to asthma and other respiratory illnesses as well as cardiovascular illnesses and headaches.

We welcome ideas on how to increase Recycling, reduce waste, and new innovative ways to create energy. However, these ideas need to have a positive impact on our environment, not a negative impact. The incinerator may indeed burn waste and create energy for local people, however, it will create more environmental and health issues which will affect our elderly and our young the most.

The Merton Green Party will support the judicial channel that will be pursued by the Stop The Incinerator Campaign and will work with all the local Green Party's as well as London's Green MEP Jean Lambert, to enable the right environmentally sound, and safe solution to succeed.

Merton Green Party

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August 25, 2013