Meet The Wimbledon Woman Who Conquered Everest

Special evening to learn more about two Wimbledon explorers

Wimbledon-based photographer and mountaineer Alexandra Nemeth, who scaled Mount Everest earlier this year, is to hold a special evening to exhibit her photographs from reaching the summits of the highest mountain on the world's seven continents.

The evening, which takes place at Cannizaro House on Monday (July 23) will explore Alexandra’s Seven Summits journey and provide an opportunity to preview her Seven Summits fine art photography exhibition, see the equipment she used to climb Everest and bid on items bought back from Nepal and Everest itself after successfully summiting in May this year.

Joining Alexandra will be fellow Wimbledon resident Yoyo Schepers, a polar racer who recently walked to the North Pole and South Pole. Alexandra and Yoyo will explore the extraordinary lives and achievements of two ‘ordinary’ women in Wimbledon and hope to inspire others to seek adventure and push their boundaries and comfort zones.

Alexandra Nemeth factfile:

Alexandra is a sportswoman and award-winning fine art mountain photographer, who set herself the challenge of climbing the highest mountain on each continent – a challenge known as the Seven Summits. On 18 May 2018, Alexandra completed that challenge by summiting Mount Everest, joining an elite club of climbers and becoming the first Hungarian to climb all seven mountains.

Alexandra on Everest
Alexandra Nemeth on the summit of Everest

Alexandra got her first taste of climbing mountains in March 2012, when she took a solo three week trek in the Himalayas. The experience was life changing and inspired Alexandra to aim even higher, by setting one of the biggest goals of her life so far – to climb the Seven Summits.

Alexandra tackled the first of the Seven Summits in June 2014, as a member of the first team to summit Russia’s Mount Elbrus (the highest mountain in Europe), from the difficult north side in pre-season.

Less than six weeks later, on July 17, Alexandra successfully climbed Mont Blanc solo - without a guide, team or support. She summited at 6.45am, reaching the top in just over four hours. She then continued to successfully summited Kilimanjaro in September, second of her Seven Summits.

In December 2014, Alexandra stood on the top of the highest point of Antarctica, Mount Vinson. After months of hard training and preparation she summited one of the most difficult mountains; North America’s highest peak, Denali, in June 2015.

Continuing her 100% summit success, she climbed Aconcagua in South America in January 2016, the highest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas and recently stood on the top of Oceania's highest point, Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia in March 2017. To keep pushing her boundaries, she successfully climbed the Matterhorn in August 2017 without acclimatisation. After an intense six months of training, Alex scaled the highest mountain in the world in May 2018.

Yoyo Schepers factfile:

 From-April to mid-May in 2008, Yoyo Schepers took part in a race to the North Pole. The Polar Challenge is a 350-mile race across the Arctic to the Magnetic North Pole. It had been described as the world’s toughest race.  Yoyo did the race in a team of 3. She raised scholarships for girls to attend the international schooling organisation UWC, United World Colleges, to do their IB.

A hundred years on from Scott and Amundsen’s epic duel, in December 2011 YoYo took part in the centenary 800 km race to the South Pole, the toughest endurance race on the planet.

For 35 days her three-man team competed to be the first to the pole, negotiating multiple crevasses, crossing snow bridges, and rising to 3000m on the high polar plateau on the way. With katabatic winds up to 80mph, temperatures as low as -40C, and the threat of blinding snowstorms, this is the ultimate endurance race set in the stunning landscape of one of the coldest, driest, and highest deserts on the planet.

Here again the mother-of-three raised the scholarships for girls to attend one of the UWC shools, Atlantic College in Wales.

About the event:

  • Monday 23 July
  • Ruinart Room, Hotel Du Vin (also known as Cannizaro House) West Side Common, Wimbledon, London SW19 4UE
  • 7pm welcome drink 
  • 7.30pm presentation 
  • 8.30pm silent auction
  • 9.30pm event finishes

 R.S.V.P - 

July 19, 2018

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