Speeding Continues on Road Where Delivery Driver was Killed

Vehicles clocked travelling at over 50mph on St Helier Avenue

Merton councillor Helena Dollimore with the speed gun on a speed watch in St Helier Avenue. Picture: Helena Dollimore

October 9, 2021

Drivers travelling more than 50 mph have been clocked in St Helier Avenue just months after a delivery driver was killed in the road.

Locals are now calling on TfL to reduce the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph with more than 150 people signing a petition.

On 29 May, Marcos Mateus Alves, known to friends as Mateus, was killed in a crash involving two cars.

The 25-year-old was on the moped he used in his work as a delivery driver.

Mateus is the father of two young daughters back in Brazil.

Now locals want to see the speed limit in St Helier Avenue reduced from 40mph to 30mph.

Councillor Helena Dollimore said: “It has long been a dangerous road, we want TfL to lower the speed limit and put in place more measure to make pedestrians safe.”

Concerned locals gathered last week for a meeting with TfL where a petition signed by more than 150 was handed over to the government body.

ocal residents joined by local Cllrs Helena Dollimore, Natasha Irons, Stephen Alambritis, Martin Whelton (L-R). Credit: Helena Dollimore
ocal residents joined by local Cllrs Helena Dollimore, Natasha Irons, Stephen Alambritis, Martin Whelton (L-R). Picture: Helena Dollimore

Police also carried out a speed watch where Cllr Dollimore says she witnessed several cars driving faster than 50mph.

She added: “Across the borough we have many 20mph speed limits but unfortunately people seem to thing they can put their foot down when they see a 40mph zone, regardless of what they see around them.

“We’ve got children crossing in the middle where there is no formal crossing, it is long overdue.”

Off St Helier Avenue is Malmsbury Primary School and Cllr Dollimore says children going to school on their own don’t have enough safe places to cross the road.

Sam Monck, TfL’s head of healthy streets investment, said: “Every death on London’s roads is a tragedy and we’re absolutely determined to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on the transport network as part of our Vision Zero ambition.

“We’re currently carrying out a detailed analysis of TfL roads in the area, including St Helier Avenue, to see what changes would be most effective in reducing road danger and making roads more welcoming for people walking and cycling.

“We’ll discuss the results of this analysis with the local community in the coming months and will continue to work closely with Merton Council to make roads safer for everyone.”

Tara O'Connor - Local Democracy Reporter