Raw Sewage Floods Part Of Raynes Park

Heavy rain causes problem on Lower Downs Road

Raynes Park flooding

Raw sewage flooded parts of Raynes Park following heavy rain on Monday (August 24).

And a local councillor says that it is a problem facing residents whenever there is a downpour.

Streets including Abbotts Way and Lower Downs Road were affected.

Dundonald ward councillor David Dean said: “There is a short term and a long term problem here as councillors have been complaining to Thames Water and Merton Council for the past five years.

“It has happened before and last night it happened again. Thames Water have told the council they’ve installed more pumping capacity – either last night was worse than ever or that pumping capacity is not enough.

“We are going to keep having raw sewage in our streets if we keep having heavy rain.”

But a spokesperson for Thames Water said that the problem was not due to blockages in the system.

They said: “Sewers are designed to cope with most storms and, when significant ones are forecast, we take pro-active measures to mitigate flooding as much as possible on top of our normal inspections and sewer cleaning programme.

“Occasionally however rainfall is so heavy, as was the case on Monday night, it can still overwhelm the system and cause it to overflow.

“Once the rain stopped the water drained away, suggesting there are no blockages in the sewer network, and we quickly sent a team to clean down the affected road.”

A Merton Council spokesperson, said: “The council is extremely concerned to hear about the flooding in Abbott Avenue and very sorry to hear that residents have had such a terrible and distressing experience.


“The council is looking into what has happened and will do all it can to ensure Thames Water puts things right. The council has arranged for an urgent clean of the road, and we will be working with Thames Water to address any impact this has had on the lives of residents.


“Once we have done that we will be pressing them to do all in their powers to stop something like this happening to our local residents again.”

By Tara O'Connor, Local Democracy Reporter

August 25, 2020