Family Shocked By Knife Find In Bread

Loaf was bought from Wimbledon supermarket

A family were shocked when they found a four-inch knife blade in a loaf they bought at a Wimbledon supermarket.

Andy Newman, from Motspur Park, bought the bread at the Morrisons store in Wimbledon town centre.

He said his wife Pippa spotted the blade when she reached into the shopping back to give daughter Madison, aged three, a slice of bread.

She noticed the blade, which is believed to have come off a multi-bladed machine when the bread was being sliced, before she any harm was done.

A Morrisons spokesperson said: "We take the quality and safety of all of the food we make very seriously, so we were very concerned to hear about Mr Newman's experience.

"We immediately checked the remaining bread loaves and are confident that this was a one-off occurrence.

"We have apologised to Mr Newman and offered a gesture of goodwill. Morrisons technical team are now investigating the cause of the incident."

March 17, 2013